How’s Vine doing?

It will be a while, I imagine before brands will be familiar with and comfortable using Vine. Unlike Instagram you can’t upload ready made videos, so it’s more restrictive and reliant on having someone on board who’s handy with the app and creative with a camera.  Also the six second time limit is a challenge in itself.  Instagram is much more marketeer-friendly with 15 seconds.

How and ever, it’s interesting to look at best practise examples and Social Media Examiner have a great article on the way businesses are using it.  And the ever-excellent Hubspot blog has another suite of examples here.

vine best practise


Mashable did a great challenge for Valentine’s day using the latest trending social media phenomenon Vine and creating the hashtag #valenvine.

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Everyone is saying Vine is the new Pinterest.  If images are king, video is god, I guess.

Since Twitter is backing Vine it’s knocked all the competition sideways.  Viddy must be seething as they turned down an acquisition offer from Twitter… the words Decca and The Beatles spring to mind.

Brands are already advertising on Vine and celebs are entertaining their fans with it.  It’s going to be  a great way for brands to garner interaction through competitions.  However, one major drawback is that infuriatingly they have only launched it for i-phones.  I naively thought those days were over, since android users far outweigh i-phone users now and are steadily and dramatically increasing year on year.  Droids – you can browse the videos using Vine Flow, but isn’t that a bit like watching people enjoy a great meal through the restaurant window?

So long as Twitter continue protecting people from unsolicited promoted messages and asinine branding, I suspect it is going to enjoy a Pinterest-like ascent.

Update:  June 2013 – it’s on Android now….flawed, but available. For exampleon the i-phone you can search for people that you’re not connected to…on the Android at the moment you can only invite people by text or email… or twitter. Which is quite laborious.